The site www.wrapform.us IS NOT affiliated with us. They have completely copied our website and are scamming unsuspecting clients. Additionally, we ARE NOT affiliated with ADSolution, a fake company promising to pay people to put advertising wraps on their vehicles. We are taking action to have their fraudulent website taken down immediately. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. 

Welcome to WrapForm. We are a bespoke vinyl wrapping and PlastiDipping studio located in Chicago, IL and specialize in full & partial vehicle wraps and dips including matte & gloss colors, carbon fiber, chrome,  brushed metal, and more. Unlike sign or print shops that offer vehicle wraps, we hold ourselves to the highest showroom quality standard. We are dedicated automotive enthusiasts with the goal of providing the highest quality vinyl wraps and dips with superior materials and craftsmanship.   Questions about wrapping or PlastiDipping? Start with our FAQ and Services pages.   View our color and finish options.   WrapForm Vinyl and PlastiDip Color and Texture Options   Need inspiration for your project? Feel free to browse our Tumblr page where we curate a collection of some of the most intriguing wraps and dips being done around the world.   Vinyl Wrap Inspirations