Welcome to WrapForm. We are a custom vinyl wrapping and plasti dipping studio located in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in full & partial vehicle transformations including matte & gloss colors, carbon fiber, metallic, brushed metal, chrome and even leather. Unlike sign or print shops that offer vehicle wraps, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. A dirty little secret about the graphics installation industry is that wrinkles, rough edges and overstretched material are often considered “acceptable” to get a job done. Not at WrapForm. We are dedicated automotive enthusiasts with the goal of providing showroom quality vinyl wraps and dips with superior materials and craftsmanship.


If you have questions about wrapping, please start with our FAQ page. You can also view a selection of the vinyl wrapping materials and services. If you’re in need of some inspiration, feel free to browse our Tumblr page where we curate a collection of some of the best, most intriguing wraps being done around the world.


Our Team

We have been working on, around and with exotic and luxury cars since 2010 and were trained by globally recognized Master Installer, Justin Pate at the Avery/Mutoh School of Wrap. In addition to operating WrapForm, our team travels the U.S. with Xtreme Xperience, an organization that owns and operates a fleet of supercars made available to the public for adrenaline-pumping drives on world-class race tracks. WrapForm owner, Joe Moore, is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Xtreme Xperience, and created WrapForm out of the necessity to protect Xtreme Xperience’s $3 million fleet of exotics on the racetrack. Our work and craftsmanship not only stands up to brutal Chicago city life, it is also put to the test every day on racetracks across the US.


WrapForm Xtreme Xperience


Our Shop

Our 6000 sq/ft shop features a dedicated washing bay, paint booth, 4 post lift, plumbed air lines, natural light and plenty of clean space to work on your vehicle. You’ll also find a garage-full of Xtreme Xperience’s exotic cars which you’re welcome to explore when you schedule your appointment at with us. 



Our Process

We begin with educating our clients on  your vehicle styling options. The idea of vinyl wrapping is new to most people so we’re here to help you understand the options, process and benefits of wrapping your vehicle. We have samples of materials on-hand so you can look at and touch them before making a decision.


After deciding on your color and finish, we will need to determine the dimensions of your vehicle in order to provide an accurate quote. After the quote is accepted, we will collect your deposit and schedule the installation.


The Day Before the Wrap: Wash your car with a BASIC car wash. DO NOT WAX your car or apply any additional coatings including tire shine. Make arrangements to be without your car for up to two days.


The Day of the Wrap: Arrive with a clean, dry vehicle (weather permitting, of course). When you arrive, your wrap professional will inspect the vehicle, take note of any paint or body abnormalities and ask you to sign off on our pre-wrap inspection. Hand over your keys and prepare to see your car with its new look in just a few days!


Our Tools

We use nothing but the highest quality tools in our craft. Every tool that is used on your vehicle is purpose-built for professional vinyl wrapping and sprayring; no improvised tools that can lead to scratches, scuffs or jagged cuts.


Vinyl Wrapping Tools


Our Services


    • PlastiDip can be applied to the entire car to change the color or to wheels and accents to alter the look of your vehicle.


    • Vinyl wraps (also known as a full wrap, car wrap or color change)  can be applied to all sizes of cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, etc. Paint wraps make your vehicle look like they were painted a new color.


    • Partial wraps and accents can be applied to the hood, trim, roof, trunk, spoiler, doors, mirrors, windows, stripes, dashboards, center consols, and more. Partial wraps can make parts of your vehicle a different color or texture such as carbon fiber, brushed steel, leather or chrome.


    • Headlight and Taillight Tinting


    • Window Tinting


    • Brake Caliper Painting


    • Paint Correction – Buffing and Polishing


    • Interior Detailing





We wrap every edge of the vehicle and fold them under the sheet metal to prevent unsightly areas of old color peeking out. We will also wrap the inside of the door jambs so the original color is not seen when the doors are opened.



Materials come in widths up to 60 inches; large enough for most doors, hoods, roofs, trunks and side panels. This allows the wrap to be applied with virtually no visible seams. In the event that a job requires a seem to be used, we run seems in inconspicuous locations such as on a design lines where they will be virtually unnoticeable, even to a trained eye.


We Never Cut On the Paint

We know you love your car, and we wouldn’t do anything to hurt it. Our gifted installers employ a special technique called  “BLADEAWAY” to protect  your paint.  We also use a product called Knifeless Tape which allows our installers to make precise edges on painted surfaces without the use of a blade. The combination of these techniques handle the most intricate trimming with no harm to your car.


Questions? Check out our FAQ page for pricing and more on vinyl wrapping.