PlastiDipping (aka “dipping”) is the latest evolution in vehicle styling. PlastiDip is a rubber-based removable coating that can be applied to your vehicle to change the look of the entire car, wheels, trim, or emblems all while protecting the paint underneath. It lasts at least 3 years and can be peeled off when its time to go back to the original color.

Not only is it the most affordable way to change the look of your car, its unique properties make it the most versatile in terms of application surfaces and color options. Similar to painting your car, you can dream up any color and finish. PlastiDip allows us to create unique looks with solid, metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, gloss and matte finishes.

The wheels pictured below were PlastiDipped to transform the look of this Porsche 911 Turbo while protecting the wheels for track use.

Porsche wheels black plasti dip
nissan gtr plasti dip suzuka blue dip pearls

Vinyl Wrapping Services

WrapForm offers a range of vinyl wrapping services in Chicago, IL including roof, hood and spoiler wraps, accents, wheels, and  full paint wraps.


Full Vehicle Wrap

Also known as a full wrap or color change, can be applied to all sizes of cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and more. Paint wraps are intended to make your vehicle look like it was painted a completely new color.


A full vehicle wrap involves changing the color of your vehicle, for example, if you wanted to make your car entirely matte black, gloss white, metallic flake red, etc. This process may involve the removal of some outer hardware of the car including headlights, trim pieces, and side markers in order to get the vinyl behind the components and achieve a consistant, factory look.


We encourage our customers to wrap the door jambs (the part  of the body you see when you open your doors) in order to prevent obvious color clashes. This service costs slightly more, but will make your vehicle look like a custom paint job. The Audi R8 pictured below was originally gloss black, but was transformed with a full matte white metallic vinyl wrap.

Matte White Metallic Hexis Audi R8
corvette c7 stingray vinyl wrap with avery orange




Accents and Partial Wraps

A partial wrap is an affordable alternative to wrapping your entire vehicle; it sets the car apart without changing the whole color. Common areas for partial wraps include the vehicle’s hood, roof, trunk, spoiler, side mirrors, window trim, interior trim  or any combination of areas such as the roof and mirrors.


Vinyl can also be used to accent the interior of a vehicle. Common accents include the dashboard, trim, and center consol. The Porsche 993/911 pictured below was enhanced with a partial vinyl wrap to accent the styling of the vehicle.

Partial Vinyl Wrap



Graphics and Lettering

Graphics and letter applications are easy ways to convey a message on your car. Company logos, URLs, sponsors, etc. If you have an idea, just ask. We’ll work with you to make it happen.


Wrap Removal

As a courtesy to our customers, we will remove wraps done by WrapForm for free. We will also remove wraps done by other companies for a minimal fee.



We stand by our work. If for any reason your vinyl wrap peels, fades or is otherwise defective, we will repair the damaged area %100 FREE of charge. Our vinyl manufacturers also guarantee their products against defects.



Have an idea but don’t see it listed as a service? Just ask. We thrive on creating custom solutions.



As with almost all custom work, it is hard to say exactly how much your project will cost. It will depend on the size of your vehicle, the vinyl material you choose, the complexity of the job and other factors. Get your FREE Pricing Guide.